About Us

Napier Theatre Company endeavours to make avant-garde theatre accessible to all in Napier and the greater Hawke’s Bay region.

Theatre can be a cultural linchpin for a community, bringing together the passionate and ambitious from all facets of the arts. We at Napier Theatre Company want to showcase the greatest that Napier has to offer, and present this talent in the heart of the city.

The style of theatre we are looking at doing is unique from what is currently on offer in your existing societies – bringing theatre that would have only been previously viable in cities such as Wellington, London, or New York – putting Napier on the map as a national tour de force.

In order to achieve this goal, theatre will need to be accessible to all, from all walks of life – young and old. Whilst developing the youth, and strengthening the skills of existing artists, we can produce work that will inspire and provoke involvement for years to come.

The biggest obstacle to making theatre accessible to all is how affordable it is, with increasing prices for productions excluding most people from experiencing the arts.

We here at Napier Theatre Company believe that accessibility to the arts should not be dictated by social status or economic background, and that these hurdles have strangled the potential for an entire generation of artists. This has dramatically limited the output of artistic expression nationally, and Napier Theatre Company wishes to address this imbalance.

One way we wish to address this is by making tickets for every production begin at $20 each.

We strongly believe that access to the arts is imperative to the growth of all people and culture nation-wide.

Anthony Collier
Founder & Director of Napier Theatre Company