NTC Studio

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NTC Studio is a space where supporters of the arts can come together in an online forum and discuss everything theatre. As an NTC Studio patron, you will be granted access to:
• Our exclusive Discord
• A monthly podcast discussing theatre, with a different focus every episode
• Exclusive backstage sneak-peeks to future Napier Theatre Company productions

NTC Studio is hosted on Discord, a powerful communication tool available on all computer and smart phone platforms, putting you in touch with other like-minded theatre people. NTC Studio hosts many different sections for all different parts of theatre life. Users can communicate with messaging, voice calls, video calls, media, files, and private chats - all from within NTC Studio.

Most importantly, NTC Studio is an opportunity for theatre people from all around the world to collaborate and share ideas. Stuck on the poster design for your next play? Upload it to the Poster and Billboard Design chat for feedback and advice from fellow theatre designers. Need ideas for what to perform next, but are limited by casting options? These are all questions that can be added to the melting pot of theatrical expertise at NTC Studio. We believe this is only the beginning, and the possibilities for connection, learning, and master classes on this platform are limitless.

When we all work together and share knowledge, we all grow, and it's a net gain for the theatre community. Everyone wins. NTC Studio is open to members of the just launched Napier Theatre Company Patreon. From here you can become a member of Napier Theatre Company, which includes access to a once-a-month podcast, focusing on a different aspect of theatre every month. You also get an exclusive invite link to the NTC Studio Discord, where you can join the community straight away. You'll also get access to future production streams. You'll also get that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you support the local arts.