Anthony Collier

Anthony Collier

Artistic Director and Founder of Napier Theatre Company



Anthony has been involved in theatre for over 20 years, in almost every facet of stage-craft. Roles include; a director, stage manager, set designer, head of publicity, advertising design, fly-floor manager, projection design, wardrobe, onstage in both lead and ensemble roles, theatre sports, hosted Musical Theatre New Zealand seminar presentations, and the executive committee for Napier Operatic Society.

Anthony has been nominated for and won numerous Musical Theatre New Zealand awards. Anthony was mentored by Gillian Davies, one of the most renowned directors in New Zealand, responsible for Napier’s most successful ever musical production, Les Mis√©rables (1995). For the past five years Anthony’s primary focus has been directing, involving both youth and adults. Recent productions include ‘Assassins’ (2021) for Theatre Hawke’s Bay and ‘Equus’ (2021) for Napier Theatre Company.

Anthony, along with his brother Sean, are the 4th generation of their family to be involved in theatre, preceded by; Ted & Heather Collier, Sue & John Collier, and Marc Collier.

Anthony is a graphic designer by trade, and currently works at Trinity Hill Winery.

Anthony’s vision for Napier Theatre Company and his theatre projects have been to push audiences and produce a rewarding experience for cast and crew team.


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