Craig McKinnon

Craig McKinnon



Craig made his debut in the composition world with Equus.

Anthony and Craig have been in talks and working together on this project over the past year. One of the more unusual and foreign aspects of working together was that it was completely over zoom, due to the fact that Craig was living in Sydney in the early stages. Craig then relocated to Dubai for the majority.

Craig has had the pleasure of doing UK Tours of pantomimes; tours of China and the UK for a percussion show, sang, danced, acted and played music in musicals taking place in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and cruise ships.

Craig owes a lot of his musical knowledge to his parents and sister Rachael who egged him on to pursue this and were the foundation of the musician that Craig considers himself to be today.

Craig has also had the privilege of working creatively along side Michael Andreas (saxophonist for The Beach Boys) in projects for Warner Brothers. And mentoring from Adam Hoskins (musical director for Songs of a New World and Camelot in London’s West End).


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