Daric Moore

Daric Moore



Daric loves a good challenge. Ten months ago he moved to New Zealand during the middle of COVID-19. After settling in with his wife Katrina and adopting a stray cat, he found the vibrant theatre scene in Hawke’s Bay. Just before moving here he spent one and a half years building his own theatre with a friend in Astoria, Oregon – his home of 12 years. Unfortunately, shortly after its opening, the pandemic closed it along with his ability to hold onto it long term. He had to sell it, but the good news is: as of last week the first show in over 20 months is now running there!

Upon arrival here, he landed a major role in Assassins as John Wilkes Booth, presented by Theatre Hawke’s Bay – being only his second musical. That lead to this role in Equus, which is again a major challenge to do justice to this multi-layered character and story.

Along with his other passions of song writing and building, acting has been able to flourish in his new home. He is grateful to his wife for enormous support in this adventure, as well as the multitude of amazing people he’s met here who have welcomed him with open arms and provided that feeling of belonging!


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