Hugh Bristow

Hugh Bristow

Lighting Designer



The magician behind the lights. Hugh has had a variety of experiences around the Hawke’s Bay Events environment. From contracting for local events, volunteering, over the years, at local community theatre as well as many events at Toitoi Hawke’s Bay Arts and Events Centre. After the success of the Theatre Hawke’s Bay production of Assassins in mid-2021, Napier Theatre Company was thankful to use his talent for Equus.

Hugh was keen for the challenge of lighting a set where the set and the lights would not meet each other until production week. Hugh would like to acknowledge Henry and George, from Sight and Sound Services, for their assistance with lighting during that time.

Hugh has enjoyed working with the Equus technical team, helping to make the many technical elements interwork smoothly, enhancing the whole production.

Hugh feels the Napier Theatre Company has given him a chance to strengthen his skill set, and he looks forward to their other creative endeavours going forward.


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