Louise Smith

Louise Smith



After almost a decade being involved in the local theatre community, Equus is Louise’s first time in a straight play. She is still trying to work out at what point the cast is supposed to burst into song.

For Equus to be the first foray into a new art form has been eye-opening and exciting. The best part has been working with such a talented and experienced cast, all of whom have brought something different to the production.

Louise would like to thank Anthony for all his effort in this show and for casting her for the second time, all the cast for making such a dark show enjoyable, and the talented crew for making everyone look great. This can especially be seen with the amazing horse masks, which have created unique characters for the equine members of cast.

As always, none of this could come together without the support of family and friends, especially with the delays in performance creating a very long rehearsal period. Thank you to her husband, Daniel, for all his support during this time.

Louise hopes that everyone in Hawke’s Bay gets to experience this amazing show and especially appreciates the title characters of the show — the very important horses!



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