Monique Cowern

Monique Cowern

Project Manager



Monique’s varied career has included 48 hour film competitions, running a drama school, event management, lighting, crew, production/stage management, directing, performing, singing, dancing and just general dogs body at times. From Manawatu, Wellington, Auckland, Rangitikei, Tasmania and then finally her long journey bringing her back to the Bay.

Over the last 6 years, since arriving back, Monique has again started contracting over different events, performed in several productions, and again in management. But what Monique is most proud of, is her combined ‘Brady Bunch’ family.  Monique feels with out their support, (and sometimes their free labor – thanks kids) She wouldn’t be able to make this career work.  It is one of the reasons Monique has enjoyed working for Napier Theatre Company, and director Anthony. “Family and their support is how we all make this work, our theatre family and our home family, have to get along.”

Monique was both the Production Manager and Stage Manager for Equus.

Monique appreciates all the support received, especially her parents; both biological, in-laws (The babysitting is appreciated), kids, and fiancé Quinn.


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