Tom McCormack

Tom McCormack



After the smash hit production of Puss-n-Kiwi Boots, Napier Theatre Company was extremely lucky to have pulled Tom out of acting retirement. A modern-day renaissance man, Tom seems to pop up in all sorts of odd spaces.

When Napier Theatre Company started piecing together the framework of Equus, it was discussed how they would find someone who was tall, handsome and built like a stallion – When no such candidate could be sourced it was decided that Tom would do.

The main attributes he brings to the role are his sheer animal magnetism, the ability to stare longingly into Sam Draper’s eyes, and a massive horse-like head.

Tom has enjoyed being apart of Napier Theatre Company’s inaugural production and is very keen to support what the company is aiming to achieve in the art scene.

Tom’s previous acting experience includes: A radio commercial that never made it to air, Speedo Cops, 1 News ‘Man who went to movies after Magnitude 8 earthquake’, that time he was convinced green was his colour, and when he was 18 and told his work he had the flu the day after his birthday.


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